Base Camp Connect introduces the BCC Tactical Solution

Complete voice, data and radio interoperability for use in harsh conditions. Compatible with all military and commercial radios (encrypted and clear). WAN-bonding capabilities for maximum speed and security Wi-Fi/LAN connectivity.

The BCC-Tactical encrypted communications solution is built to the toughest standards – MIL-810. It is designed for mobile teams needing to communicate in fully-secured mode in harsh environments with high data speeds and the flexibility for interoperability.

The BCC-Tactical has 3 main features:

i. interoperability with a 5-port tactical voice bridge;
ii. Super fast data with a unique WAN-Bonding process allowing both data and VoIP;
iii. secure communications with Redcom’s Sigma® software.

Working on multiple LTE networks with WAN bonding, the device has unmatched speeds and security. SAT connectivity is also standard for operation in remote locations or where networks are unreliable.

All connectors are rugged, Military connectors resisting the elements. The Tactical is specially equipped with a Mil-spec IP phone made to work in the toughest of environments. We complete the package with 8 rugged DECT phones.

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