Base Camp Connect listens to Military and Public Safety mobile teams for their deployable communications solutions needs. When communications fail, no matter how remote the scene or which partner shows up, Base Camp Connect has a solution. Regardless of which incompatible gear is on scene that needs to work together. No matter which infrastructure is overloaded, down or unavailable. Both Public Safety and the Military trust our deployable communications solutions for their mobile operations.

Base Camp Connect offers a range of deployable interoperability go-kits. They are simple to use, portable & configurable. All systems aim at improving mobility & readiness without requiring training to operate. To ensure continuous communications over a wide range of platforms, all products include voice, data and radio interoperability options. Finally, all Base Camp Connect products set up in 5 minutes without training.

The concept behind every Base Camp Connect is to have an operational communications unit within minutes so the team can concentrate on doing their job. All our products are built to allow continuity of operations and incorporate the principles of quick-deployment, simplicity, ease of use and collaboration in multi-tier operations.


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